Natural Building Course Offerings

The Eco-Institute is offering many Natural Building workshops in 2016! Join us to learn more about natural building methods such as Straw Bale and Slip Straw, Natural Plastering, Building with Cob, and more. We will even be touring the Mud Dauber School of Natural Building and local, permitted natural homes!

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Intensive Week-long Natural Building Workshop

July 16 - July 22

We will be actively building the Eco-Institute’s 600 square-foot, permitted earthen cabin. Methods covered include straw bale & slip straw, building with cob, wattle-and-daub, natural plasters mixed from on-site clay soils, and design. We will tour local natural homes and the Mud Dauber School of Natural Building. 3 meals per day, tenting site, and access to hot showers/facilities for the week are all included! 


4-Part Natural Building Series

4 weekends this Summer

Similar to the Intensive Workshop, the 4-Part Natural Building Series is a comprehensive study of natural building methods. These four weekend-long workshops cover straw bale and slip straw, cob building, natural plastering, and design process. We will consider the practical implications of natural building as we discuss passive solar energy, optimal siting on your land, wiring, plumbing, roofing, and foundations. We will also tour local natural homes and the Mud Dauber School of Natural Building. 

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Introduction to Natural building

October 1

In this hands-on session, we will learn about the different building methods and site selection processes used to design ecologically-friendly structures. We will tour the Mud Dauber School of Natural Building, where natural cottages are in-progress, and take part in scratch coat plastering and other techniques. 


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