Gather with us on the Winter Solstice to share warmth, light, and prayers for our world.

SPACE is limited and pre-registration is required.

In connection with ancient Earth-honoring cultures who celebrated the Winter Solstice, we invite you to join us for this beautiful ritual which symbolizes finding the light in the darkness together. Share a meditative lantern walk through the darkness, a sacred community fire, candles, warm drinks, music, and ceremony. Please bring your candle-lit lantern and songs to share!

The ceremony takes place within a mandala of candles, where we honor the dark and the light inside each of us and the renewal of our hopes for the world. Each attendee takes an unlit candle into the center of the spiral of evergreen branches, where they light it from the central candle. Each lit candle is then brought out and placed along the spiral, expanding and spreading the light.

This is a powerful time of year for personal and community renewal.

As our ancient nature-honoring ancestors knew, the darkness is a powerful time to honor. And so is the return of the light.

This is such a beautiful nature-connective ritual that it has become an annual community tradition.

We hope you'll join us this year!


Saturday, December 21

7-8:30 PM

Eco-Institute's Community Barn & Gazebo

Student Rate - $10 (Scholarship Subsidized)
Community Rate - $20 (Cost)
Generosity Rate - $30 (Cost + supporter donation)