Farmer Dave's Work-Trade Cooperative


Do you wish you had a summer garden?

Do you love to be outdoors with friends getting your hands dirty?

Want to learn more about growing your own fresh vegetables?

Sign up for a membership to Farmer Dave's Work-Trade Cooperative!


Step #1: Purchase your membership. 
Step #2: Join Farmer Dave in The Eco-Institute Gardens on Thursday and/or Saturday mornings. 
Step 3#: Bring your harvest basket, put in 2 hours of garden work and harvest yourself a huge basket of veggies!  


Individual Share Membership: $80

Family Share Membership: $160 


We'll be working early mornings to beat the heat.

June, July & August Garden Days: Thursdays & Saturdays 7-10am


Ready for harvest now are fresh lettuces, spinach, garlic scapes, red russian kale, flowering thyme, spearmint, rainbow swiss chard, cilantro, sochan greens, magenta lambsquarters, collard greens, sugar snap peas, green onions, elderflowers, and occasionally shiitake mushrooms.


Soon there will be ripe slicing tomatoes, genovese basil, turnips, beets, cherry tomatoes, various colored potatoes, dill, garlic, carrots, squash, zucchini, blackberries, peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, lima beans, green beans, melons, elderberries and more!


Don't worry if you will miss some garden days because of summer travel.  Just make sure you've signed up for your membership before showing up for Garden Days, then join us when you like!