Theater in Nature 

A 5-Day camp for 7 to 14-year-olds


Campers will play wild and wacky improvisation and storytelling games to foster a sense of camaraderie and trust within the group. We will dive into the basics of performance- learning how to enunciate, express emotions through body language, "share the stage" with a scene partner,  and determine a character's wants/needs/motivation. We will explore character, setting, and plot using the natural world as a source of inspiration- even using elements from the land to craft into masks, costume pieces, and props.

Children will be charged with creating their own characters, relationships, and roles within the world we will be designing together for an original performance for family on the last day of camp.  Theater in Nature is a program that facilitates learning and playing under the values of inclusion and respect.


Dates: July 10 - July 14

Times: 9am-3pm

Cost: $220

Snacks provided, please bring a bagged lunch

After registering, you will be sent forms to fill out about your child 

About the Instructor

Marley Toben will be facilitating with a graduate of our Odyssey Fellowship Program.

Marley graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dramatic Art. While at UNC-CH, Marley structured her education around Expressive Arts and Wellness, taking a multitude of courses within the Communications Performance Studies program, the Psychology department, and Theater department. She is particularly focused in Creative Nonfiction Writing and Journal Therapy, having written a number of performance pieces both dedicated to and implementing this topic.

Marley has been leading performance art related workshops, summer programs, and one-on-one sessions in the community for 5 years.  She moved back to the Triangle in June, 2016 after working as a Child Counselor for the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department for the previous year. She currently works as a mentor and teacher with the Zest Arts Therapy Organization directed by Amy Elliott Ph.D. LPC RDT. Marley is pursuing a certification in Creativity Coaching and plans to attend Graduate School for her Masters in Social Work in 2018.


Limited scholarships available and based on need.  Contact Brenna at