Wisdom of the Elements
Stone & Earth: Wisdom and Commitment

Created in Partnership with the Natural Mystery School
A Series of Five Day-Long Experiences Exploring the Elements
June 4  •  July 23•  August 20•  September 17•  October 22

About this Session
Stone: Wisdom & Commitment

June 4, 2016 | 10am-5pm
Journey to Occaneechi Mountain to renew your connection to Stone and Earth.

About this Series
Wisdom of the Elements

The elements have a quiet and profound effect on our lives.  Connecting with them provides a source of healing, wellbeing and renewal for our daily lives.

We live with them all the time, but how well do we really know...

the Wisdom of Earth,

the Spirit of the Water,

the Mystery of Fire,

and the Force of the Wind?

Even people who are already connected with nature may be surprised at how exploring the elements creates a deeper experience of nature as a whole. The practices that we will share in this series help strengthen the foundation of personal healing and enhance our ability to communicate with all of nature in a heartfelt way.

We will share gentle ceremony, hands on projects to work with the elements and practices to use at home. You will leave with a set of physical tools that you have created as well as a stronger sense of place. This program is inspired by traditional wisdom and by the mythic but often forgotten places within our local community.

Each day, you will receive a hands on connection with one of the elements.

Through the series, you will develop a stronger relationship with the elements based upon powerful personal experience and traditional wisdom.



Sarah helps people get in touch with what really matters. In an increasingly fragmented world, we need connection with the deeper aspects of life more now than ever.

She has developed this approach over the past 18 years, and she has supported thousands of people on the path of deep nature connection and personal growth. Through this work, she has helped people remove the grief of disconnection, awaken attributes of leadership, nourish dreams and bring a sense of meaning back into daily life.

She is the founder of Natural Mystery School and the Director of Education at Piedmont Wildlife Center. She specializes in supporting local community leaders to create healthy group culture through mentoring and deep nature connection.  Through this program, Sarah is sharing unique practices for a conscious relationship with the elements. Because they are as close to us as the air we breathe and the energy that inspires us to awaken with purpose. 


Registration for this series is offered on a sliding scale of $220-$300 for the entire Wisdom of the Elements series or $55 per session.