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  • 8519 Pickards Meadow Road
  • Chapel Hill, NC, 27516
  • United States

Introduction to Permacutlure: Environmental Literacy & Permaculture Principles And Ethics

Session 1 of the Permaculture Foundations Series

March 26th, 2016, 9:30am-4:00pm

In this PFC opening session, we will discuss the basics of Ecology, including plant and soil science and Earth’s natural systems. Also, we will explore how we humans impact our surrounding environments. 

For lunch: please bring fixins to share and add to rice & beans "monk bowls". 

Price & Registration

Registration for the entire Permaculture Foundations Series is offered on a sliding scale of $540 + fees. Registration for the entire series is available until Monday, March 28th. You must attend each course in order to receive certification. 

Register for & attend the first class, and if you love it — you may apply the cost of this class toward your registration for the entire series.

Early Bird Registration for this class only is offered on a sliding scale of $70 (Regular: $90) + fees. Early Bird Registration for this class is available through March 19th.