Spring Equinox Celebration

This is the time of spring’s return, the joyful time, the seed time, when life bursts forth from the earth and the chains of winter are broken. It is a time of balance, when light and dark are equal, when all the elements within must be brought into new harmony. From this day on, until the fall equinox, the days will be longer than the nights.  This is the bright time of the year.   

Celebrate the spring equinox with the Eco-Institute.

We will send songs out to the land and gratitude for the abundance of the spring.

Come welcome the returning light, bless the land with song and celebrate this season of hope, courage and creativity.

In honor of traditions around the world, we offer a colorful way to celebrate the equinox
with flowers, music, and community ceremony.

All ages are welcome. 

This is such a beautiful nature-connective ritual that it has become an annual community tradition. 

We hope you'll join us this year!


March 20

7-8:30 PM

Eco-Institute's Community Barn & Gazebo

Community Rate - $10
Generosity Rate - $20