Rising Earth

Transformative Permaculture Immersion


Rising Earth

Transformative Permaculture Immersion



Whole-Systems Living for Social and Ecological Healing

A 10-week residential program at The Eco-Institute for change-makers between the ages of 18 and 28

2019 Dates: September 8-November 17

The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain
Chapel Hill, North Carolina


What Is It About?

What Is It About?

Why Transformative Permaculture Immersion?



We are living in a time of great change, climate disruption, social inequality and unrest, and ecological degradation. Visionary cultural transformation is needed to restore balance and to create a thriving, just society that supports the planet as well as the people. Confronting change must happen at every level, and understanding the relationships between ourselves and the world around us provides ample opportunity to collaborate for what our friend Charles Eisenstein calls “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”



Permaculture is a holistic approach for human and environmental design based on principles found in nature. It goes beyond sustainable living into the creation of regenerative systems that have a net positive impact. By adopting and applying ecological principles such as minimizing waste, embracing diversity, and creatively responding to change, we can learn to be responsible producers rather than dependent consumers, and gain tools to build a planet in which all members thrive.



A deep dive into a whole new way of living will change the way you think about the path of your life. Surrounded by diverse and inspired community in an Earth Sanctuary and Learning Center, you will be supported and held accountable on your path to connect with a deep sense of purpose and connection.

Are you ready to step into your full potential?

This program calls us to look clearly at that which holds us back from our greatest potential.
— Flora K., Spring 2016


How Does It Happen?

How Does It Happen?

The Rising Earth program was designed to help you develop a vision for contributing your gifts to the healing of our world. Through a holistic curriculum, integrated workshops, and farm-side living at The Eco-Institute, you will leverage a permaculture perspective to foster resilient systems of abundance on the farm, in your community, and in your inner life.

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You Will

  • Deepen your understanding of ecosystems, economy, and sustainable living

  • Gain a Permaculture Foundations Certificate while caring for our educational permaculture farm

  • Collaborate with a group of inspired allies in planning activism trips on a regional and national scale

  • Learn homesteading skills from farmers, fermenters, ecologists, natural builders, and more

  • Join conversations with leading thinkers in alternative economics and climate justice

  • Step into a deeper sense of purpose and direction with who you are and what your life is for

  • Come into closer relationship with your body, mind, heart, and spirit

  • Explore the beautiful lands of the Piedmont region, the dynamic community of Chapel Hill, and the academic district of North Carolina’s Research Triangle



Enrollment and Scholarships

Enrollment and Scholarships



  • Between the ages of 18-28

  • Concerned about the future of our planet’s communities and ecosystems

  • Committed to planetary healing by engaging in not only environmental action but also social, cultural, and spiritual transformation

  • Socially engaging, charismatic, and open-hearted individuals

  • Excited about being a part of a diverse, engaging, and intergenerational community

  • Wondering how living simply can enhance their well-being




Investment: $10,000 — SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE

*Includes all programmed activities, double occupancy yome accommodation, delicious and organic meals.

Rising Earth at The Eco-Institute Chapel Hill NC Permaculture Immersion


The Eco-Institute recognizes diversity, solidarity, and allyship as critically important pieces of healing the human-Earth relationship. To read more about our commitment to inclusion, click here.


We have had the opportunity of providing significant scholarships in the past to make this program accessible for people in many financial circumstances.  Click here to download information about our scholarship program.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we encourage you to
apply before May 1st to secure your spot!

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The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain

The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain

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Rising Earth Immersion is a program of The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain, an educational nonprofit dedicated to healing the human-Earth relationship.

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