Permaculture Foundations Course
at the eco0institute


Join us at The Eco-Institute to explore the foundations of permaculture through presentations, discussions, field trips, and hands-on building experiences.

This in-depth course offers practical methods to help you and your yard, landscape or community garden become a part of the global movement of ecological design.

Discover new ways in which you can apply permaculture principles where you live.

Explore natural building projects, energy use practices, forest gardening, and other principles of permaculture.

Enjoy a week in the beautiful garden sanctuary surrounded by an inspiring community at The Eco-Institute.

Get your Permaculture Foundations Certification this fall and come back for the Permaculture Design Intensive certification in the spring!




  • Creating abundant food systems

  • Creating healthy water systems

  • Generating and using alternative energy

  • Natural building projects

  • Landscape design techniques

  • Fostering vibrant community life

Experiential activities
may include:

  • Field trips to 1 or 2 acclaimed permaculture gardens

  • Hands-on building projects

  • Tincture-making

  • Mushroom cultivation

  • Sauerkraut- and kimchi-making



Fall 2019 SESSION

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