Permaculture DESIGN
INTENSIVE at the eco-institute



Do you wish your Permaculture Design skills
were stronger?

Are you ready to learn the skills you need
to design your home or other landscape?

Want to take your skills beyond the backyard and
begin to explore a career in permaculture?


Join us for six days of fun, intensive, hands-on measuring, base-mapping, dreaming, designing, and drawing beautiful landscape plans. Many people have taken a Permaculture Foundations Class or even earned a Certification, but still lack the skills to execute a professional design. After one week, you will be better able to design your home, school, or business landscape employing the principles of permaculture to their best advantage. This is a hands-on practicum featuring the whole process of permaculture design, from consultation to project presentation to execution. 

Students will complete three different design projects to demonstrate how a space can become more functional, beautiful, and ecologically inspired. Experience direct one-on-one guidance at every stage of the process with the goal of refining your skills and earning professional certification for permaculture design.

Pre-requisites include having completed either a PFC or PDC, reading the requisite materials sent prior to the course, and being willing to work hard! Students entering with a Permaculture Foundations Certification may use this opportunity to earn a Permaculture Design Certification.




Site Assessment
Advanced Practice in Visualization
Drawing Designs
Design Creation
Project Presentation




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