Mushroom Hunting


Local Mycologist Anna McHugh, author of website/blog Crazy About Mushrooms, writes:

"Mushrooms have aroused suspicion and fear for millennia, despite their many uses. Fungi provide us with penicillin, bread, beer, and untold bounties in our orchards, fields, meadows, and forests. For me, fungus represents the inherent mystery of our planet- terra incognita if you will- and it offers us a tremendous wealth of wisdom about nature. Unseen beneath our feet lies a network of fungi that helps carry the pulse of life to every corner of the earth, and it is both an honor and pleasure to serve as an advocate for these remarkable organisms."

Anna McHugh will lead us in a quick course on mushroom identification, then we will walk and collect mushrooms, and if we’re lucky, taste what we find! The Eco-Institute is home to numerous types of wild mushrooms, from the delicious to the deadly.

Join us as we foray into the mystical world of mushroom hunting!


Saturday, November 4

Two sessions:
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM OR
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Eco-Institute Community Barn




Anna McHugh is a writer, mushroom hunter, and mycological educator who writes a blog about Kingdom Fungi and the human encounter with mushrooms. Anna's lectures and workshops reveal the inner workings of fungal ecology, gourmet mushroom cultivation, and the rich folk traditions of using mushrooms as food and medicine. Anna also produced the hour-long documentary Crazy About Mushrooms, for which she traveled the United States speaking with mushroom luminaries from all over bringing their stories, and the story of the mysterious mushroom, to light.