Heart-Based Environmental Educators Training

rekindling hope for the future generations

Does your heart open while you’re outside with children?

Would you like to discover how you can follow your heart’s calling to work with children as teacher, parent or counselor?

Do you want to develop the skills to inspire natural curiosity and wonder in the people around you?

We have created a 4-day training program to empower you to take the next steps in the heartfelt path of teaching and learning. The world needs more people who carry these skills. Together with a team of professional naturalists and teachers, you will gain the skills to enrich children's lives with a nourishing deep nature connection. Our team is passing on the torch, offering the best practices that we have learned over decades of working with children.

This program will support a rekindling of your own heart-based experience in nature so that you will be ready to inspire the next generation to walk a path of ecological literacy and leadership.



This is for you if:

  • You are a teacher, environmental educator, parent, homeschool community member, or aspiring counselor.
  • You want a toolkit of proven skills that are used by nature connection programs across the country
  • You are ready for support in your journey as an educator and guide of children
  • You want experience with a unique model for teaching and learning that you can use every day in almost any educational environment

You will:

  • Practice techniques for harnessing curiosity, building community, and encouraging the eight attributes of deep nature connection in people of all ages
  • Learn games, activities and core routines that empower an enhanced nature connection
  • Experience Story-telling techniques, songs, and ways to incorporate music and stories into the learning process
  • Connect with experienced mentors and peers who will support your ongoing adventures with children
  • Get a guidebook of resources and tools to take home
  • Gain a stronger personal connection with nature to inspire you

The Heart-Based Environmental Educators Training at The Eco-Institute qualifies for 20 hours of Criteria II towards the NC Environmental Education Certification by submitting two different forms for 10 hours each.

In the end we will conserve only what we love;
we will love only what we understand;
and we will understand only what we are taught.
— Baba Dioum


JUNE, 2019

10am - 4pm daily

Eco-Institute Community Barn Loft or Lakeside Gazebo

Wholesome farm lunch provided daily
Need-based scholarships available, APPLY HERE

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