Join Farmer Dave and Chef Whitney Dane as they celebrate the abundance of the seasonal harvests in their Nature's Pace Dinner Series. Follow them through the Four Seasons as they prepare multi course menus highlighting both Dave's skillfully farmed heirloom vegetables grown right here at the Eco-Institute's gardens, and wild ingredients foraged from the lush forests of North Carolina's Piedmont.

Come enjoy the stories of the food, the company of others, and the intimacy of the Eco-Institute's land. 

garden co-op

Do you wish you had a garden and freshly harvested vegetables?

Join Farmer Dave and his dedicated crew for learning and fun in the Garden, and take home a basket of harvest for yourself!

farm-to-table dinners

When Chef Whitney Dane and Farmer Dave get together in the kitchen, magic happens.

Farm-To-Table CATERING

Bring your group to The Eco-Institute for the freshest meal they have ever tasted.  Sharing a lovingly prepared meal is a deeply connective ritual.  With foods harvested on the very same day, you'll taste and feel the difference!