Living the Emergent Quest

An Online, Small-Group Journey

Step into the emergent quest of your own life. If you sense that greater depths of being and authentic purpose are calling, join us on this journey!

For the first time, this beloved course is available beyond the Odyssey Fellowship, for those of you who seek the inner development opportunity without the ten-week residential commitment. This online group program is a powerful opportunity to ignite your personal growth wherever you are!

Facilitator Simon Spire will lead a six-week journey that amplifies what’s waiting to emerge and equips participants with the skills needed on the unfolding path into one’s deeper nature and greater purpose. We will encounter layers of who we are that are ready to transform, heal, and shift; we will open to the core of our being; we will listen to the authentic direction, soul, and creative expression that wants to come to life in us. Together, we will approach the threshold of the larger conversation with life that is wanting to emerge.

Ultimately, we will begin living the emergent quest by recognizing the journey that is already beckoning and saying yes. In doing so, we discover that listening to our deepest call and living in alignment with our inherent wholeness is the doorway to fully discovering and living our gifts in the world. After three years of catalyzing the Odyssey Fellows’ inner development, this transformative program is now available to you.

Included in this class

  • 6 live group classes, each including facilitation and class content; contemplative experiences and practices; paired or small-group activities; group discussion; and individual reflection and exploration (Each class will run between 90 minutes and 120 minutes.)

  • A 50-minute, private, one-on-one mentoring session with the class facilitator

  • Suggested weekly readings, reflections, and experiential activities

  • In addition to deeply engaging with their own individual journey within this potent, six-week container, participants will also gain skills in areas such as transformative, mindfulness-based relating to emotional content; depth psychology, dreamwork, and archetypal understandings; the creative process; models of human development and psychological growth; and foundational wisdom and principles from contemplative traditions

  • Online discussion forum for interacting with the other participants in your class

  • Class size limited to a maximum of 12 participants to ensure individual attention and space for discussion

  • Adults of all ages (18+) are welcome

  • Live sessions will be held via video conferencing using Zoom and will take place Sundays, 4pm-6pm Eastern Time, on January 20, 27, and February 3, 10, 17, and 24.


January 20-February 24, 2019

4-6 PM Eastern Time


To Register:

Step 1: Click here to complete and submit a short form

Step 2: The registration team will review your application and contact you within two business days

Step 3: The team will send you a PayPal or Venmo invoice. Once paid, your place in this online group journey is confirmed!

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The Eco-Institute Environmental Education Chapel Hill NC

Simon Spire’s transformative framework, Emergent Inquiry, invites people into a space in which shifts can happen. He brings to his facilitation years of exploration of self-inquiry, non-dual wisdom traditions, and meditative practices; the perspectives of developmental and soul-centered psychology; and his long experience with artistry and the creative process. Simon holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Auckland; a master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University; is a Certified Trainer of Focusing, a mindfulness-based approach to psychological healing and development; has completed a yearlong soulcraft immersion and quest with Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute; and is currently pursuing doctoral studies. His life has been inspired by two interrelated, core questions: what is the nature of full human development and flourishing, and how can we create more life-supporting economic dynamics in our world? This exploration has also led him to involvement as a director with organizations active in the fields of young adult education and leadership development, mental health, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. He is currently affiliated with Post Growth Institute and the Center for Ecozoic Studies. A member of the Odyssey Fellowship staff at the Eco-Institute, he has designed and facilitated the fellows’ core inner development programming since 2015. He found himself on an emergent quest of his own years ago when he was led from his New Zealand homeland to the US by his career as a recording artist and songwriter.


Previous Emergent Quest Participant Feedback

Your presence is so gentle, yet so strong and balanced. You are a mentor, a friend, and a brother. You just create the perfect space for things to manifest themselves. It’s like magic! Thank you for inspiring me.   -2015 Course Participant

Thank you for putting me in the right place to grow. You exposed things for me and handed me the tools to get to work. Epiphanies and manifestations and proclamations. I have a notebook full and a future vast and open. I am excited to live! On a high and filled, pressurized with a mass of buzzing energy. Love, I am swelling with love. Thank you for being you and helping me be me. -2016 Course Participant

I cherish you, the many lessons you have taught me, and the simple, graceful and authentic way you carry yourself and make contact with soul. I am very grateful for our time together. -2016 Course Participant

Simon is an incredibly gifted facilitator whose unique skills, intuitive insights, and integrated depth of wisdom combine to form a powerful process of authentic, somatic discovery of one’s inner dimensions. Simon has a gentle presence and creates a space for one to contemplate, heal, and reveal new aspects of self. He guides one into layers of acceptance and illuminates the aspects of self that need healing. His reflective questions, deep listening and techniques allow one to touch the core of one’s inner self where the truth resides. -2015 Course Participant